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Hello! You can call me Anna,Maria, or Marie!Any pronouns are fine to describe me, he/she/they all work fine! I'm pansexual, a student of an art schools theatre department, and have major procrastination issues. I support equal rights for everyone, a lot of text posts I have reblogged do not show my view point, that is something I want to make clear. If anyone wants to know my opinion on anything just shoot me an ask!

Also : you should check out my fanfic rec blog! It's not even close to full with all the fanfics I have stored up....once again procrastination.


My kitten disproving scientific law. What goes up doesn’t always come down, sometimes it gets stuck and meows loudly



Last weekend I took some pictures of my family’s cat. He’s 12 years old so he mainly just sleeps in various spots in the house.

Look at this toasty marshymallow


I currently have a fluffy kitten sleeping in my shirt.

Aw , poor potato